creating a more intimate and positive relationship through live, interactive communication help for couples on Skype.

"Communicating effectively is a prerequisite to resolving other issues." 
quote by Dr.Donna O. Freeman

Are you:
*unhappy because your spouse does not listen to or understand you?
*happy but want to make your communication the best it can be?
*hurting or humiliated because you frequently end up fighting?
*miserable because you can't seem to discuss matters more respectfully?
Would you like to improve your relationship?    
Do it now with our unique and effective...

Communicate Now© V.I.P. Program 

What Is It?
What Are The Six Outstanding Benefits?
What Will You Each Learn?
How Is This Program Unique?
Who Can Benefit?
What Happens During A Training Day?
When Are The Trainings Scheduled?
What Is The Fee for the Communicate Now Program?
What Are My Payment Options?

What Are The Seven Outstanding Benefits?
The Communicate Now© VIP Program can improve your relationship. As a result, you may be able to:

  1.  have fewer disagreements or arguments, due to increased mutual understanding and respect

  2.  experience a new found bliss with your spouse 

  3.  deepen your emotional intimacy, charging your relationship with excitement, fun and fulfillment again  

  4.  increase the effectiveness of any couples counseling you may be involved in 

  5.  save travel time and money

  6.  learn in the convenience, comfort and privacy of your own home

​  7.  It is your rare opportunity to learn real communication skills, one at a time, and not with just any practice partner, but with your spouse! 

What do you need to do next? Just email us at or call at 267-421-2831 and let's talk.

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